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Strategic Consultancy


We partner with you to help you ideate, innovate, organize, plan and move ideas to action.

Proactive Opportunity Audits. Your business is unique­. In both its problem and opportunity areas. It takes experience to understand this. That’s why we’ve learnt to listen, question and research thoroughly. Then apply divergent thinking skills to evaluate ideas, reframe problems and investigate new opportunities.

Unbiased partnership. Is organizational red tape limiting you? As unbiased partners, we stay objective while diagnosing roadblocks, assessing goals and listing requirements.

Practical Plans. We’ve had years of design thinking, plus a lot of hands-on experience. That’s why we stress on creating sensible plans & easy-to-deploy solutions. We’re also fully equipped to handle all outsourced project management.

Project Management


When the top management is overloaded, timelines slip and deliverables suffer. Tap into our experience to manage your vision, teams, deadlines and goals. We can initiate, plan, execute, control and monitor the work of the team to achieve your specific goals and meet your specific success criteria within the specified time.



Get your emotional value propositions evaluated. Use our expertise in franchising, licensing, designing and marketing to develop and execute a complete branding solution for you.

Let us define and design your brand identity & personality. And align, design / re-design your graphics, packaging, products, services and retail experience to suit your brand identity.



Staying competitive in an evolving world requires an understanding of the art and science of innovation at all levels. Our short terms training workshops are designed to both spark and sustain creativity as a principle way to learn, invent, and produce. Organisations that value growth and are open to change use our design expertise to train their designers as thought leaders, work closely with sales and marketing to introduce product innovations and create improved and/ or new revenue streams.   

Design Services


Designers are part of our team for many reasons: blue sky thinking, prototyping, ideation, customer insights, production knowledge, market awareness and more. Because we need their design skills, we need them to keep designing. So feel free to contact them for your design needs: small and large. Our designers’ portfolios span product, apparel, packaging & graphic design.

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