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Here’s a creative who can think practical. And who firmly believes that good ideas should make business sense. As a former creative director, she’s played strategic leadership roles for Viacom 18, Turner International India Pvt Ltd, Mattel and Walt Disney. Her work includes management of kids & youth brands for South Asia market. Equally at home with marketing teams as with manufacturing ones, today she takes advantage of her freedom to comfortably switch between designing & consulting.

Passionate about sports, analysis & karela ka juice, Amit's mind works in 'mysterious ways' to find solutions no one sees coming. The quintessential operations man, he drives us and our partners to efficiency in a calm and resourceful manner. He is the key liaison between clients, partners, in-house designers, agencies and 3rd party vendors leading to successful execution of projects.

Niket Bisht / Graphic Designer

A 'fearless' graphic designer, young blood, forever questioning things, absorbing and exploring all sorts of information to create some of the best original concept level work our clients have seen and appreciated.  Niket is further supported by a team of talented freelancers who ensure great work quality within desired timelines. 

Anita Raghav / Content & Communication

Online projects often stall when product and service owners can’t put together content for their offering. And rightly so – their domain is the product or the service they offer, not content writing. Anita takes over this task -  she listens, understands the product offering, researches the competition, explores different angles and creatively structures out messaging options.


She writes copy for websites, content marketing projects, video scripts and blogs. So far it’s been an eclectic mix of partners - Open Learning Schools, Learning Programs, Design Thinking, Customer Relationship Management, Bhil Art, SME's in India and USA, Cryptocurrencies and Telecom. Anita had previously worked as a designer at Onio Design, Professor at NIFT-Hyderabad and Research Assistant at IIT-Bombay.

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We love getting to know independent professionals from different spheres to see how we can work together. So, if you have a love for strategy, a knack for solving problems, want to lend your expertise, want to get a larger exposure outside your domain or just enjoy a good conversation over a cup of coffee  — let's catch up!

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